Google partners

Seamless and advanced, RingCentral for Google allows businesses to work faster and smarter. RingCentral and Google address this need with a complete communications, collaboration, and productivity environment, where every employee in a distributed enterprise can work however they want and communicate in whatever mode they choose, on any device.

RingCentral for Google is a trusted solution recommended for G Suite by Google Cloud. RingCentral for Google (G Suite and Chrome Extension) brings a robust set of business communications capabilities to G Suite, including:

  • Chrome Extension: Allows full access to click to dial and click to SMS, enabling full access to a RingCentral account
  • Google Drive™: Import files from Google Drive to RingCentral Meetings or Glip. Coming soon: fax files directly from Google Drive, archive
  • RingCentral voicemail, fax, records, and text messages into Google Drive
  • Google Hangouts™: Expand the capacity to 1,000 audio participants
  • Google Docs™: Install the RingCentral Fax plug-in, and fax directly out of Google Docs
  • Google Calendar™: Use the Chrome Extension to schedule a meeting
  • Gmail™: Use the Chrome Extension from within Gmail
  • Administration: Use your Gmail credentials to log in to RingCentral
  • And many more smooth workflow features