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The world leader in network video surveillance, today announces that it has overtaken the number one global manufacturer position for all surveillance cameras
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Axis Introduces a Versatile, Outdoor-ready Surveillance Cabinet for Easy and Sleek Installation of Critical Electrical Equipment
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Looking for a video surveillance solution for small systems? Axis Camera Companion records all video on SD cards within the camera! No DVR, NVR, or PC necessary!
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We've all been there!
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An overview of the Thumbnail search feature in exacqVision VMS
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The Digital Window D7-180 uses a staring array of five (5) 1.3 megapixel video sensors to create a fully-fused, non-fisheye, 7 megapixel image.The camera then fits the 180° view into a standard HD frame along with up to 4 separate detail windows that can be independently placed and zoomed up to the full 7 megapixel resolution.All this is done in the camera without any extra software.
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